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What standing and working feels like

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The first time I tried using a standing desk, I couldn't for the life of me see why I'd prefer standing over sitting why doing my office work. For me, standing up all day was something I'd gave up when I left fast food jobs back in college (and briefly between jobs last year.). Still, I promised that I'd give it the college try and that's what I did. 

First of all, my legs started to hurt. Not very badly, but more in the dull pain that just stays with you hour after hour. I was getting fatigued pretty early, and was very surprised by the amount. To compensate, I'd switch standing on one leg and even squat down or stretch in between tasks. That was when I noticed it. I was so much more involved with what I was doing. 

I didn't do the things I normally did and allow myself to be distracted by coworkers and and Facebook as much. When I started something, I now felt more inclined to stick with things and stay focused. What's more, as I got more focused, I didn't even feel any discomfort in my legs anymore. It was like I hit a zone. 

I only got to work with that desk for a day before converting back to my old way of doing things, but after that I had the bug. I went home and started studying and reading everything I could about standing desks. Just it one day I had energy, excitement, and a sense of purpose in my work. All because I just stood up for a few hours. It's a small thing that makes a big difference. 



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