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The Types of Standing Desks

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The Types of Standing Desks

So you’ve done the research and found that a standing desk is the perfect thing to add to your working life. You’ve learned how much better it is for your body, how much more productive you can be standing while you work, and how easy of an adjustment it is to make to enhance your life behind the desk and away from it. So you know you want one… but which kind you get?  These days, there are many different types of standing desks, each fitting the needs of different users.

Desk Conversion

Desk conversion describes any kit that you would attach or place atop of a desk or table. They are typically adjustable to fit a variety of body types leaving no one too tall or short to use a standing desk. They can be manual lift or motorized.

A desk conversion set up is the perfect solution for those that have a desk they want to keep or need to save space in an environment that may not be all theres. Desk conversion solutions are often (but not always!) the more budget friendly solutions for those that would like to transition to a standing desk.

Examples: Uncaged Ergonomics, Ergotech One Touch

Sit Stand Desk

When space opens up and it’s time to make a change, a full blown sit stand desk is the perfect addition to a home or an office. Built with the ability to change height, a sit-stand desk allows the user to go from sitting to standing as often as they like.

Some are manual and turn with a crank while others come equipped with a motor that raises and lowers the desk at the push of a button. Rather than simply accept the options that are given, workers can change their day and raise their energy just by alternating their posture throughout any given work day.

This solution is very good for the avid PC gamer, since it gives them a chance to move as excitement dictates, and stay focused for long hours in game.

Examples: Techni Mobili Sit to Stand Desk, Unchained Ergonmics Height Adjustable Desk

Fitness Desks

Made to do more than stand, fitness desk are the option for the multitasker, particularly, the kind of person that likes to workout while using their computer. Companies like Lifespan make exercise bikes and treadmills can easily fit under a standing desk and allow a user to walk or pedal their way to a fitter body while using the computer.

Examples: Lifespan TR5000-DT7 Series Adjustable Height Treadmill Desk 

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